Fordyce Around Eyes

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    10 POINTS!Where can i Get Treatment With CO2 Laser (for fordyce spots) in L.A.?
    Anyone has any info ??

    How much does it cost ?

    Thanks .

    • ANSWER:
      A CO2 laser allows your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to perform skin resurfacing procedures that reduce or eliminate more pronounced lines and wrinkles than similar treatments. This is done by removing deeper layers of damaged skin and stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin underneath.

      The latest technological advancement in the field of laser resurfacing is the use of light beams that are either pulsed or scattered at a very high rate. This minimizes heat damage that the skin might otherwise be exposed to. It also allows a more powerful CO2 laser to be utilized for deeper tissue removal and for more effective removal of pronounced wrinkles and creases. This technology allows the laser skin resurfacing treatment to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results possible.

      The procedure can be performed on specific areas — such as around the mouth or eyes — or over the surface of the entire face. During a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment, a local anesthetic (injection at the treatment site) is used to relieve potential discomfort. If the entire face is being treated, intravenous or general anesthesia may be used.

      CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Candidates
      As we age, our skin succumbs to the effects of sun, gravity, and even our unique facial movements, to create lines and wrinkles that make us look older than we feel. A good candidate for carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing is typically an individual who has developed significant facial lines and wrinkling. A candidate may also have facial scars or uneven pigmentation they wish to correct. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment is to speak with a qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist in your area.

      Benefits of CO2 Laser Skin Treatment
      By precisely removing damaged skin layer by layer, a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment is able to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, “turning back the clock” on your complexion and revealing the more youthful looking skin that lies underneath. The CO2 laser — when used for the skin resurfacing procedure — can also lessen the appearance of scars and many other skin imperfections. Benefits include not only the effective correction of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles, but also treatment for uneven pigmentation, photodamage, precancerous spots, and a host of other skin imperfections and benign lesions. If you believe you may be a candidate for CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment, a qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can carefully analyze your skin and determine if the procedure is right for you.

      CO2 Lasers vs. Erbium Lasers
      When deciding on either the carbon dioxide (CO2) or erbium laser skin resurfacing treatment, it is important to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist the goals and expectations you have for surgery. While the CO2 laser successfully provides a more thorough treatment for moderate to deep facial lines and wrinkles, it does require a more extensive recovery period. Recovery time for treatment with the CO2 laser is typically two weeks; the erbium laser requires a recovery of only about one week. For many patients, this extra recovery time is a small price to pay for successfully treating their damaged skin and providing them with a younger, more vibrant appearance. However, others who have less severe facial lines and wrinkles will want to explore their treatment options with the erbium laser.

      Is CO2 Laser Treatment Safe?
      Yes, with the guidance of a skilled cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment is perfectly safe. With the predictability of the CO2 laser, skin can be precisely ablated layer by layer to provide incredibly safe results with minimal side-effects. A responsible cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will discuss possible CO2 laser skin resurfacing complications and how they can be avoided during your recovery.

      Find a Laser Specialist in Your Area
      Finding a specialist in your area to perform a CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment has never been easier. DocShop will help empower you in your search for medical professionals, directing you to informative websites where you can first view the credentials, specializations, and other unique qualities of cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists in your area.

    What are these little white dots on my lip and under my eyes?
    I have these little dots on my upper lip that aren't bumps but it appears that they are under a layer of my skin. I have the same dots under my eyes where people get dark circles when their tired. What are these small white dots and how can i get rid of them?
    also: i tried finding what it was on google and i found the closest thing is fordyce spots is what it looks like on my upper lip. I am a female and most pictures on google are of men so i dont think that is what it actually is but that's just what it looks like.
    jerome- that sure was helpful ,thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds a lot like Milia, small white cysts around the eyes, nose and mouth. This is often found on newborn babies.

      I have a couple under my eyes, and after searching the web, it appears to be quite common and not at all harmful to your health. You can try to treat it yourself by exfoliating the area a few times to remove the thin layer of skin these cysts are under. If this does not work for you, you will likely need to see a dermatologist to have them removed.

    Pride & Prejudice HELP!!?

    2. gallantry:courtesy::
    a. suavity:manners
    b. please:thank you
    c. performance:taste
    d. gentility:roughness

    3. rectitude:integrity::
    a. fairness:lenient
    b. right:wrong
    c. decency:uprightness
    d. probity:dishonor

    4. pecuniary:monetary::
    a. fiscal:financial
    b. commercial:retail
    c. business:leisure
    d. greedy:unwary

    5. racked:tormented::
    a. troubled:calmed
    b. soothed:eased
    c. lightened:weighted
    d. distressed:secure

    11. __ fitzwilliam darcy
    12. __ george wickham
    13. __ elizabeth bennet
    14. __ jane bennet
    15. __ charlotte lucas collins
    16. __ lydia bennet
    17. __ charles bingley
    18. __ mrs. bennet
    19. __ lady catherine
    20. __ mrs gardiner

    a. "amiable, intelligent, elegant"
    b. "fine, tall person, handsome features, noble man"
    c. "women of mean understanding litlle information, and uncertain temper"
    d. "good looking and gentlemanlike" with "a pleasant countenance, and easy, unaffected manners"
    e. "the most beautiful creature"
    f. "a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman"
    g. "sensible, intelligent" "without having ever been handsome"
    h. "had all the best parts of besuty, a fine countenance, a good figure, and very pleasing address"
    i. "a tall large women, with strongly-marked features, which might once have been handsome"
    j. "stout, well-grown . . . with a fine complexion and good-humoured countenance" and "high animal spirits"

    24. georgiana darcy is a minor character whose principal function is as a foil a (a) elizabeth (b) charlotte (c) lydia

    25. lady catherine embarrasses darcy by (a) praising him (b) saying elizabeth can practice on the pianoforte in the servants room (c) insulting elizabeths family

    26. elizabeth thinks that darcy meets her on her walks around hunsford (a) by accident (b) because he likes her (c) because it is his favorite place to walk

    27. as darcy is making his first proposal, elizabeth sees that he expects her to (a)refuse (b) accept (c) cry

    28. lydia seldom listened to anyone (a)for as long as they were talking (b) at all (c) for half a minute

    29. when elizabeth asks her father to refuse to let lydia go to brighton, his irresponsible reply is that (a) lydia can expose herself there without inconvenience to the family (b) lydia will be well-behaved (c) he will lock lydia up

    30. before her engagement to darcy is announced, elizabeth fears that her family will (a) refuse to let her marry (b) be unhappy because they dislike darcy (c) forgot jane and bingley

    32. In chapter 6, elizabeth and charlotte discuss the consequences of janes not showing her feelings. how does this foreshadow actions later in the novel?

    33. after lydia interrupts collin's reading of Fordyce's sermons, collins says he "should never resent her behavior as any affront"
    a. compare this to what he writes after lydia elopes (ch.48)
    b. according to the letter collins writes, after lydia is married, how does he believe her father should treat her? (ch.57)

    35. a. choose one of the following characters and briefly describe his/her personality: elizabeth, darcy, lydia, collins, mrs bennet
    b. give on example of how this character's speech reflects his/her personality

    38. give two functions of the secondary character colonel fitzwilliam.

    i know this is a lot, but i would greatly appreciate any help.
    thank youu! <3

    • ANSWER:
      I can answer you from 24 up but i'm not sure what it's wanted with the others.

      24- a)
      25- b)
      26- a)
      27- b)
      28- c) ( i think)
      29- a)
      30- b)
      32- Elizabeth finds out that it was exactly because Jane didn't show her feelings that Darcy feared she didn't love Bingley, and convinced him of the same.

      And the others well I could do it but it would take some time. I'm sure you can easily do it just by consulting the book.

      Good luck

    does this sound like anxiety?
    i need some help.
    it all started like two and a half months ago
    i was looking at my acne and i saw dots on my lips
    anyways they freaked me out and i thought i had some kind of disease skin disease or something. i found out that they were just fordyce spots. then about two weeks after that i felt like a little twitch on my lips where the dots are at. i freaked out and it would keep twitching and my lips would get hot. i don't know if i just thought about it too much and i got too scared that it was a disease. my mom and my girlfriend told me i was just thinking about it too much. i cant afford going to the doctor for something im just worried about. so i tried to calm down. it did. then about three weeks ago i felt like my lips where hot and i would feel like a prickly feeling on them (lips). i freaked out again because they kinda stung a little bit so i wasnt sure if i did have a disease or not so i freaked out again. at a point i wasnt eating that much and i couldnt sleep. i know it sounds kinda dumb but i think i went depressed for a couple days. a couple days later it calmed down again but i kept feeling random prickly feeling on my lips and i think maybe my eye ball. but its not a continuous prickly feeling it was like a little sting here and there and i would feel it on my arm, hands, ankle, and other random parts of my body. I feel normal some days and then i feel it again. its all feelings not rashes or anything. just feelings. my lips also feel like i just ate salt. and they would get hot. i looked around online and i thought i might of had burning mouth syndrome but i didnt understand y i would have the feeling in my eyes and other body parts. and then i found out about anxiety and how your scared of something and those are the symptoms. ive also read that another reason for prickly feeling on lips is from some vitamin deficiency. so i really dont know whats wrong. can someone help? thanks
    wow. you guys arent helping at all.
    ok thanks to those real answers

    ive never had any health problems
    i freaked out because this is the worst feeling ive ever had on my skin other than a rash. but ive always been fine. as long as its not some kind of disease thats contagious and makes my skin fall off or something im fine. im just worried that its something bad. i have been eating really unhealthy stuff and i havent been doing drugs.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think its anxiety, I think you may have a legitimate physical ailment.

      You may be allergic to something, although I wouldn't know. Just one option, anyway, to be honest, it sounds like you have paresthesia with fasciculations. Now Fasciculations are generally harmless, and most people get them at some point, but the fact that it is only brought on after you started experiencing the prickly feeling is a bit concerning.

      Paresthesia could be caused by a number of things, low blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory problems.

      I don't want to scare you, I'm not saying you have any of these, only giving you some facts.

      IF you have a history of being a hypochrondriac, then yes I would say it is HIGHLY possible this is all psychosomatic, but if you really aren't a hypochondriac, I would see a doctor because it seems like legitimate symptoms to me.

      Good luck.

    Lump on Penis (underneth skin)?
    Im 21 yrs old and a f ew days ago I noticed a small lump on my penis. (Its underneth the skin right below the head). Anyways it freaked me out and I went to the clinic to get it checked out and the doctor said he couldnt feel anything suspicious or bad, and sent me home to keep an eye on it. I have had an appointment with a uroIogist for a while now and it is in about a month so if its still there I'll ask him about it. It moves around if I touch it, and is not stuck to one spot...could it be a cyst?? Could it get worse waiting that long though??, what could it be?? Could it be testicular cancer even though the lump is not on the testicle but near the head?? Is there such thing as penis cancer?? Im a worrier so im just pretty worried about it.
    I asked this question yesterday but didnt get any responses, so im hoping for some today

    • ANSWER:
      This may be due to
      Birthmarks - pigmented
      Hair follicle sebaceous gland
      Sebaceous cystglands or fordyce spotsBirthmarks - pigmented
      Liver spots
      Measles, koplik spots - close-up
      Mongolian blue spotswhich are normal part of the skin's anatomy. Fordyce spotsBirthmarks - pigmented

      Measles, koplik spots - close-up
      Mongolian blue spotsare small red papules that can appear on the glans (glands), shaft or scrotum. This may occur as a solitary lesion, are painless and not itchy. They are caused by abnormally dilatedDilated cardiomyopathyblood vessels and there is no simple, reliableReliable gentle laxativetreatment to remove them. If it persists, have this evaluated further for proper management. Direct clinical examination is important

fordyce around eyes

Fordyce Under Eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

    I have questions about the anal area someone help?
    Hi I recently noticed a little black pimple looking bump under my anus and I was wondering what it could be? It doesn't hurt or anything and won't pop like a pimple. Also is it normal to have little pimple like bumps going down your but crack I shave so they look like the hair bump thingys someone please help :/? Btw none of the bumps hurt or anything.

    • ANSWER:
      The black bump could just be a mole... keep an eye on it... if it changes in any way (gets bigger or changes colour)... go see a doctor.

      The other spots could be exactly what you said... hair follicles... or they might be Fordyce spots.

      Fordyce spots are small, painless pale bumps or spots (1 to 3mm) also referred to as ‘sebaceous prominence’. They can appear to be small pimples but they are not pimples. They are common (70 to 80% of the population may have them) and harmless.

      See this link for a photograph:

    What are these little white dots on my lip and under my eyes?
    I have these little dots on my upper lip that aren't bumps but it appears that they are under a layer of my skin. I have the same dots under my eyes where people get dark circles when their tired. What are these small white dots and how can i get rid of them?
    also: i tried finding what it was on google and i found the closest thing is fordyce spots is what it looks like on my upper lip. I am a female and most pictures on google are of men so i dont think that is what it actually is but that's just what it looks like.
    jerome- that sure was helpful ,thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds a lot like Milia, small white cysts around the eyes, nose and mouth. This is often found on newborn babies.

      I have a couple under my eyes, and after searching the web, it appears to be quite common and not at all harmful to your health. You can try to treat it yourself by exfoliating the area a few times to remove the thin layer of skin these cysts are under. If this does not work for you, you will likely need to see a dermatologist to have them removed.

    i have these tiny spots on my vagina and dont know what they are does anyone know what they are?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you got fordyce's spots don't worry most men me and women have them on the genital area's about 90% of people have it

      Fordyce's Condition is no reason to panic

      It is a skin condition in which small and elevated yellow growths develop in groups on the lips, in the mouth, tongue, cheeks, female labia, and the penis. You may sometimes find it on the lower lip as well, even though it is rare. The small yellow spots are caused by an overgrowth of the sebaceous glands. They are sebaceous glands without hair follicles. It is not dangerous at all and very common under young adults. There is no correlation between Fordyce’s Condition and systemic conditions.

      Fordyce’s Condition increases from childhood to adults. It is more prevalent in men. The condition is found in almost 90 percent of adult men. They may appear as single lesions or as symmetrical groups of 50. The spots are 2 to 5 mm in diameter. Surrounding tissue is not affected by the growth of the lesions. The lesion derived its name from the person who first wrote about it in 1896, John Addison Fordyce. They may cause embarrassment when they appear on the genitals, but they are harmless and cannot be sexually transmitted. They don’t have any function in the mouth and there are no pathologic changes that can be associated with them.

      Causes of Fordyce’s Condition
      The cause for it is still unknown, but there seems to be a generic link. It is not caused by viruses and isn’t contagious. The papules are present at birth but only become prevalent when the child reaches puberty.

      Diagnosis of the condition
      The doctor diagnoses it through visual inspection. The yellow color of the papules and the location is normally and indication of ectopic sebaceous glands as it sometimes called. Warts are sometimes confused with Fordyce’s Condition because the vermilion border is involved in both instances. Some sexually transmitted diseases may look like Fordyce’s Condition and the doctor will take a biopsy or blood sample if they appear on the genitals.

      Treatment recommendations for the appearance of the yellow papules
      There is no treatment needed, but you can apply Tretinoin gel or cream daily to the affected areas. It will reverse the effects over time and prevent it from getting worse. Tretinoin is works best when it is used in combination with alpha hydroxyacid agents. It is normally used to treat acne.
      If the condition persists you can use Accutane. It will reappear when you stop the treatment unless you keep on using Tretinoin gel or cream afterwards. Accutane has several side-effects such as chapped lips, joint and muscle pains, temporary hair thinning, dry skin, itching, intestinal problems, nosebleed, irritation of the eyes, rash, urinary problems, poor night vision, depression, and headaches. Pregnant woman should avoid it. It may also cause damage to the liver. Consult your doctor before you use it.
      TCA chemical peels are sometimes prescribed, but Fordyce’s Condition return as soon as treatment is stopped.
      You can remove it with laser vaporization.
      It is sometimes removed with diathermy or liquid nitrogen freezing.
      Don’t pick or scratch the spots.
      Since Fordyce’s Condition is harmless and appears in most adults, there is no reason to panic. You only need to get treatment for the lesions when they are ugly and cause real embarrassment. It should not interfere with lovemaking because they are painless. Young boys sometimes panic and think they have done something wrong, but a visit to the doctor sets them at ease. It seems that once we know the exact cause for these strange yellow spots, treatment will be in order. It is sometimes confused with other skin diseases. Since the cause is unknown, we cannot recommend a specific diet or vitamin supplements. It is however always good to keep oral hygiene and to eat a balanced diet that includes folic acid, Vitamins C, A, D, E, K and B complex. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to build the immune system. Garlic helps to kill any bacteria in the bloodstream and the mouth, and folic acid is needed for normal metabolism. Proper skin care around the genital areas is important but is not related to the appearance of the spots. Treatment is only needed in severe cases, but the condition normally clears up on its own.

    tiny white bumps under eye (pic inside)?
    Is this Fordyce?

    • ANSWER:
      You can't see anything that looks abnormal in that picture (maybe *you* can, since you know it's there, but others can't), but that's not a proper area for Fordyce spots. It's probably milia.

    Small red marking on penis?
    I have a small red round marking on the shaft of my penis for a few days now. The marking isn't raised or like an open wound but more like a bruise which is more 'under' the skin and when i stretch the skin it disappears. I don't know if its important to mention but it also surrounds a fordyce spot which i know is a normal/common for majority of men.

    Any suggestions please????

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a bruise or a broken blood vessel, or a rash from an aggressive masturbation session.
      Wounds to the penis skin heal very rapidly, almost overnight, due to the high amount of blood flow into this area.
      Keep an eye on it, you won't,... and you should see it becomes less noticeable and fades away with a day or so. If it gets larger,....speak to a doctor about it.
      Good luck with this.

fordyce under eyes

Fordyce’s Condition Under Eyes

The term dermatitis includes a number of different types of skin problems, but there's one thing in common about all of them. When you have dermatitis, you will experience inflammation of the skin somewhere on your body. It normally makes the skin red, swollen, itchy and it can cause skin lesions in some people. Dermatitis is neither terminal nor disabling in normal circumstances, but it can certainly make you physically and emotionally uncomfortable.

The goal of this article is to answer the most common questions about different types of dermatitis.

What does dermatitis look like? One description of what dermatitis looks like is skin that has been burned or scalded by hot water. The skin turns red, swells, and may even form blisters with fluid secretion. It's important (but often difficult) to resist the urge to scratch when you have dermatitis, because scratching only makes the skin look worse and aggravates the condition.

What causes dermatitis? Dermatitis has a variety of causes, including allergies and heredity. Pollutants and irritants in your environment - smoke, smog, allergens, cleaning fluids, etc - sometimes cause dermatitis. Physical and emotional stress have been shown to trigger some types of dermatitis too. Causes may certainly be different, naturally, depending on the type of dermatitis you have.

Is dermatitis contagious? Dermatitis is not contagious: one individual cannot transmit it to another.

What are the most common types of dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis This type features an itchy rash that comes and goes. It is a chronic condition that is better known as eczema. Atopic dermatitis may be at its worst during childhood and grow less severe with maturity. Stress is not considered to be a cause of eczema, but it's generally believed that stress can make it worse. The exact cause is not known. A genetic predisposition to having dry irritable skin combined with a malfunction in the immune system may be contributing factors.

Doctors usually treat this kind of dermatitis with one of several lotions that contain hydrocortisone.

Contact or allergic dermatitis The word "contact" is the key here. Contact or allergic dermatitis occurs when your skin comes in contact with an irritant that causes a rash,

Seborrheic dermatitis When you have this kind of dermatitis, you'll notice a red rash, often on the scalp along with yellowish, oily-looking scales. In infants, this type of dermatitis is known as cradle cap. There are a variety of possible causes when it appears in adults, including Parkinson's disease, oily hair or skin, or physical stress.

Special shampoos containing tar, pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid or ketoconazole as the active ingredient are generally used to treat this type of dermatitis. You may also get relief from hydrocortisone creams and lotions.

Perioral dermatitis This type is believed to be a form of rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis or adult acne. Certain products such as moisturizers, makeup and topical corticosteroids can make this condition worse.

Tetracycline, an antibiotic administered orally, is usually the most effective treatment, although it can take a while before the rash goes away completely. Recurrences are common with perioral dermatitis, so your doctor may suggest staying on the antibiotic for several months to make sure the rash doesn't return.

Neurodermatitis This kind of dermatitis is often associated with dry skin. It is also associated with psoriasis or eczema. This kind of dermatitis typically features an itching sensation in a specific part of the body, especially the neck, wrists, ankles or arms. Hydrocortisone lotions and creams may help soothe your skin, along with wet compresses. In some cases, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants may be appropriate. The most important thing is to avoid scratching, which just aggravates your skin even further.

Stasis dermatitis Sometimes, fluid will build up under the skin for some reason. When this occurs, stasis dermatitis may result. This tends to happen in the legs more often than other parts of the body. The rash appears because the accumulating fluid blocks the processes which provide nourishment to the skin and keep it healthy. Treatment of stasis dermatitis begins with diagnosing and correcting the cause of the fluid build up. Elastic support hose may help but in certain circumstances, it may become necessary to perform surgery. Wet dressings help because they soften fragile skin and also prevent the risk of infection.

fordyce's condition under eyes