16 thoughts on “Chafed Skin On Scrotum

  1. My husband has a dry scabbed patch of skin on his scrotum? What’s wrong?
    He noticed it earlier today-it’s scabby, has dried blood and is a bit red. It’s just a patch of skin which he says doesn’t itch. What could it be and how can he treat it?

  2. Do you agree that people are now wanting to be a Navy Seal for the wrong reasons?
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  3. What can cure chafing between the scrotum and the butt?
    After using the restroom and wiping myself, I always end up with bleeding between my scrotum and my butt. How do I cure this?

    • It’s called washing and drying yourself properly. You may be wiping too little or too much.
      Too little – can cause rash because you’re not clean enough and it itches.
      Too much – scrubbing your skin too much.
      If you aren’t eating right – like roughage – it means you are bound up and that causes bleeding.
      Eat right!
      Wash your butt!
      Dry your butt!
      Wipe it better!
      Wipe it less!
      You know the answer better than anyone.

  4. what is the pain near my groin?
    I started having pain on the left side of my groin area the past few days. When walking normally I rarely notice it. However when I move or twist in a way that pulls my balls at all, I get this bad pain in the right side of my groin. This might be to TMI but when I pull my scrotum myself I definitely feel the pain. But the pain isn’t in my testicales but rather above in the groin area. could it be a hernia? Will I likely need surgery?

  5. What could be the cause of his itch?
    my boyfriend is experiencing an itchy scrotum with no signs of rash. He says it’s worse after we have sex if he doesn’t wash right away.

    I’ve been checked out at the doctor nd I don’t have any infections or stds.
    what could be the cause of this?

    • The most common reason is ill-fitting underwear or pants. Clothing that is too tight can cause the skin to chafe and itch. . Bacterial infections are fairly common and are often some form of thrush or yeast. In other cases, eczema or a chronic dry skin problem can be at the root of the itchiness. Make sure he keeps tat area clean and washes with a gentle soap. See a doctor if his symptoms persist. Good luck!

  6. My Husband Has Sweaty Balls or Hyperhydrosis And Told Me Hes Not Going To See A Dr. How Do I Convince Him To?
    My Husband Has Hyperhidrosis (Sweaty Stank Balls)

    This is a problem that makes his balls sweaty, sticky and stanky.

    I thought we agreed that he would see a doctor for this problem but now it seems like hes backing out of it. How do I convince him that it is the right thing to do?

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