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  1. Is It As Serious As I Think It Is?
    I went to go visit my significant other, some things lead to others and we had sex. Once we finished i noticed on the skin of his penis a few bumps, and one of them had torn (i guess while we where having sex) he said it was from masturbating. What could this be???

  2. I need someone who has experienced this before?
    I have these pimples on my penis. I havent been checked and Im not sure if I had an outbreak or not. Are the boils on the genital area only caused by herpes??

  3. I have a small red painful bump on my penis?
    one on the end thought it was a pimple but its getting bigger and im a virgin

  4. Why are there pimples growing on my ballsack?
    I wash my balls and ballsack thoroughly everyday, yet they still continue to grow. What’s the problem?

  5. Small White Lumps on Penile Shaft?
    I have these small white lumps on my penile shaft. They don’t hurt, they aren’t itchy, nothing, I have had them for a while now, and I am not sexually active. Of course I masturbate every now and then but, I have been told that they could be hair follicles or pimples.. Hair does grow out of some of the lumps. In fact I just checked and they are on my scrotum as well, and hair is growing out of them. Any help please? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    • it’s normal to get these some boys get them under their shaft as pubes start to grow they push their way out of your skin, some lumps and bumps are caused by masturbating a lot as your penis is getting used to that sort of friction also puberty is changing your groin area and spots and lumps will come and go. don’t worry about it, it will settle down soon enough.

  6. bumps on lower penile shaft is this normal?
    ive had a few problems for a year, to do with sometimes when i urinate i feel a lower back pain kind of a cold pain, it kinda feels blocked down there like, i touch the underneath vien and it feels like its some how blocked, the pain im getting now and jus found myself is bumps on my lower penile shaft like lots of them around, the doctor said this is normal! how can it be normal if they hurt when i touch them? its like theres a knot down there, im talking about in the middle of the scrotum on the penile shaft inside

  7. Is this something to worry about?
    Sorry if this is graphic, but i though a accurate discription would be better

    Okay, so im a Virgin to just start this off (never even dated, pretty boring life)

    However ive noticed these tiny white lumps near the base of my penis, (underside near scrotum) they don’t itch or hurt or anything.
    I’m not sure how long they’ve been there either.
    I was thinking it could just be hair follicles?
    Or is it something else?

    Thank you

  8. is it “normal” that i have white dots on my penis and ball sack when im 13?
    i know this is a little wierd but i have these white dots on my penis and scrotum, i know it is not a sexually transmited disease cause i have not had sex yet im only 13, but is it “normal” thats all i want to know

  9. It’s possible for boys and men to have pimple-like growths on their penises. Some guys experience bumps called “penile papules” on their penises, which are normal growths that appear around the base of hair follicles. They may look “pearly” — whitish in color.

    Another fairly common condition is an infection of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. These growths can also look a lot like pimples.

    Both conditions are not unusual. And it’s very easy to clear up these bumps with antibiotics. So, it’s a good idea to visit a clinician for an evaluation and treatment, if needed.

  10. Whoa dude, go to a doctor quick style. You may just need a cream or something, otherwise, try wearing different kinds of underwear or something.

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