White Spots On Labia

Facts of AIDS / HIV:

HIV is an abbreviation of human immunodeficiency virus, very harmful virus which directly affects the immunizing ability of our body. This virus takes place in one's body from another - through blood to blood and unsound sexual relation. The pregnant women who are suffering from this fatal disease can also infect her baby during pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding. The last stage of HIV virus is known as AIDS.

HIV Virus is a small organism, which is responsible for the expansion of this infectious disease in the human body. Different kinds of viruses attack different areas of the body, as HIV affects the immune system badly and the capacity of the body to react against germs. HIV is also called retrovirus, containing RNA ribo nucleleic acid, which is changed into DNA during reproductive process of viruses by using all enzymatic material of the hosts' cells.

There is another type of virus, which is placed under the sub group retrovirus, called lento viruses. This type of virus spread infection slowly and dire consequences appear after long period of infection (e.g.) feline immunodeficiency virus is found in cats, simian immunodeficiency virus in monkeys and other animals and in humans. All these viruses attack the immune system in a slow motion.

Structure, transmission of HIV:

Its diameter is 1/10,000 millimeter and its shape is like sphere. The outer layer is made of fatty molecules lipids called viral envelope. The transmission of HIV takes place through the blood, semen, vaginal fluid, resulted form unprotected sex. HIV is also transmitted through the used syringes, needles by infected persons as they also contain slightest quantity of blood, having HIV. The very path of entrance of HIV is the vein (injected drugs) lining of vagina, vulva, penis, anus, rectum, the mouth, all mucous membrane (eyes, inner side of nose) cuts and sores.

Sources of spread of HIV, Precautions:

The main sources of HIV are the blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. It is not spread through tears, blisters, fluids, urine, vomit and sweat.

Don't have any sexual relation about whom you are not sure of HIV infection. The rate of spread of HIV in males is higher than females during sexual intercourse. Some persons suffered from some sexual diseases such as syphilis, genital herpes, Chlamydia infection gonorrhea, and bacterial vaginosis that are more sensitive and susceptible for HIV infection during sexual intercourse. Don't use syringes of someone, contaminated with HIV. Don't have ear piercing from a person who is patient of HIV.

Touching, talking living with HIV patient in same place is not harmful. There is no harm in using food utensils, towels or bedding of HIV patients. You can't be affected by using swimming pools, hot tubs, drink, fountains, toilet seats, gym equipment, telephone which are in use of HIV patients. The embracing, kissing, spitting, sneezing, breathing and sweating of HIV patients are not infectious. Don't avoid blood donation as if you are using new needle.

Symptoms and stages of HIV/AIDS:

In the early stage of HIV infection there are no prominent symptoms just some people suffer from fever after regular intervals, feeling headache, tiresome, swelling of lymph nodes. These symptoms are short period and vanish within a week to a month. This early stage of HIV patient has most capacity to spread, having great magnitude in sexual secretions. The most serious and harmful symptoms may not prominent for many years. In some people these symptoms are displayed within months while in some after 10 years.

Some symptoms are weight loss, sweat, dry cough, pneumonia, red, brown, pink purplish white spot on inner side of skin, mouth nose, eyelids throats, itching skin, diarrhea, persists more than week gradual loss of memorandum, depression. HIV infection leads towards final stage, AIDS, after the complete disability of immunizing cells, called CD4+ T cells. In a healthy person, HIV free infection human body consists of 800 to 1200 CD+ T cells per cubic millimeter while in an infected person these number of cells decreases rapidly, almost 200 per cubic millimeter. It is last stage of HIV disease when a patient can easily be attacked by many diseases such as cancer, infection of lungs intestinal tract, brain, eyes, and other organs.

The medicines which are commonly used in USA to inhibit the growth of HIV infection are saquinavir, ritonavir, indinavir, amprenavir, nelfinavir and lopinavir. Consult the doctor for regular check up and get awareness of AIDS/ HIV to save you from this fatal disease by preventions and precautions timely.

white spots on labia

23 thoughts on “White Spots On Labia

  1. how do i get rid of a spot on my vagina?
    i just noticed a spot on my outer labia. or at least i think that’s what it is. it looks like a pimple with a white head. gross. it cant be an sti because i went to get a test last week and the results were negative and i haven’t had sex since. i’m going to see my boyfriend at uni at the weekend and i’m worried it will still be there. should i pop it or put anything on it? how long do they stay for down there?

  2. Why do I have white spots on my thorskin?
    why do I have white spots on my thorskin? I’m 14 and don’t know why they are there and if I can get rid of them, HELP!

  3. My labia minora are sore and itchy, and I noticed that my vaginal opening is white instead of the usual pink?
    I have had sex, but it was around February sometime, and me and my partner then used protection. Please help, this is really confusing me. There’s also small white gunky spots in my underwear.

    • it sounds a LOT like thrush (also known as yeast infection)….its not something you catch, it can be increased by use of perfumed soaps etc ……..look it up on the net. Its very common. Good luck x

  4. Is it a yeast infection or some other STD?
    My symtoms:
    Itch in my vagina area, a little swelling, thick white discharge, some smell at times, & i have a white spot on the outside of the labia, it doesn’t burn or itch, nor when i urinate does it burn or itch. What could i possibly have? I have made myself a drs. appt, but it is not until tomorrow, & i am torturing myself that i could have something serious.

  5. What are these dark spots in vagina?
    I’ve noticed two dark spots in my vagina located on the labia minora. They’re kind of a brown black color. Not raised, they’re flat. Im having excessive discharge too. I tried looking it up and i found something called melanoma. It’s a skin cancer that can be found in the genitals, Could it be that, an STD, or something else?
    if its moles is it possible that they just appear all of a sudden. why would they appear?

  6. I am really embarrassed about this but?
    I was shaving today and I noticed these white spots on the inside of my inner labia. They are smaller towards the vagina and bigger towards the clitoris. They don’t hurt or anything, they’re just there! I got really scared and my gyno appointment is one week away. Any ideas what it might be? I had candida a while ago and treated it and other than that, no problem!

  7. What is this Big brown line going down my penis and these white dots ?
    Ok I have these brown line going down my penis and there are white dots around the penis and some in my testicles .I’m circumcised and is this normal.Will it go away or stay forever.

    • Don’t worry, everything you describe is normal.
      The spots are probably Fosdyce’s spots and almost everyone has them to some degree from puberty onwards.
      (See link 1)
      The line you describe is the penis raphe. All males have one and it is very noticeable on baby boys. In the womb, the scrotum is formed from the same tissue that would become the labia in girls. The line is where the two labia fuse together.
      As you get older it can become less pronounced, but it is totally normal for it to remain prominent too.
      (See link 2)
      (I’m glad I didn’t go to the same medical school as TOMTOM22)

  8. Is this just a rash or should I be worried?
    I know this isn’t an STD because I’m a virgin, but I have this rash on my labia ( I think, not too good with the geography of my vagina) and it’s been there a while. It’s a series of red spots and it itches constantly and really bad. I also have white stuff (looks like dandruff) and I don’t know if this is due to lack of care (I wash it pretty well every day) or something else. So, what exactly can it be and what can I use to treat it?
    Thank you for your help.

  9. Is fordyce spots caused by masturbation?
    i’ve had them for sometime now and i do masturbate often. I see a lot pf people say its not. If so does masturbating spread them because i am starting to get a lot…. and do you know any good home remedies that may reduce them?

  10. when i stretch my labia i can see white spots?
    hi, i have a labia that’s naturally wrinkled and folded, but when i stretch it, i could see little white spots on it, and they’re a bit bumpy, is this normal?
    it’s my labia minora

    • Yes they are normal,the spots are from the sebaceous gland, and are not associated with any disease, if anything they are only of cosmetic concern only, so don’y worry about them

  11. Is there a possibility that I could have and STD of some kind?
    I have small raised bumps in my vaginal area mostly around my inner labia. There is mild itching an burning and some white/yellowish discharge. Not sure if it is associated with it, but I also have a sore throat with a tiny bit of white spotting on my tonsils and the lymph nodes on my neck are swollen. Could this be an std? I haven’t had any sexual contact for two months.

    • If you have been sexually active, there is always a chance of contracting an STD. It is important to get into your doctor right away and get it checked out and treated, if indeed it is an STD. Althought condoms in an of themselves, will not prevent an STD, they do dramatically cut down our your chances of getting one.

      I wish you well.

  12. can you see the the difference between genital warts and a yeast infection?
    the different symptoms. how can you tell the different symptoms.
    i kno a yeast infection is itchy, and irrtation.
    and warts is itchy irritating and white spots.
    but i seem to think a yeast infection has a little of white spots also. which makes it llok like a yeast infection.

    • A yeast infection has a white discharge, not white spots.

      warts are going to be present on the skin on and around your vulva, and they may not be obvious to you. A yeast infection is internal, with a white discharge, and sometimes itching or burning in your vagina, and around your labia. They are two completely different problems with different symptoms. It can also be likely that you don’t feel or see warts.

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