14 thoughts on “Fordyce Spots Scrotum Pictures

  1. I have little bumps on my vagina what could it be?
    I have little bumps(their not red or white or anything, their just there) around not like right there but more like in the area of injection area of my vagina, but I just shave so it could be razor bumps, but I always shave and this never happen before. And yes I am sexually active. They also hurt a little when I touch them is that okay?

  2. What are these small lumps on my penis?
    a while ago i noticed several very small lumps on my penis and my scrotum. i can squeeze them and a small white substance comes out but it doesn’t look like puss. after i squeeze these lumps they tend to go away but i just keep on getting new ones.

    what could this be?

    is it dangerous?

    how can i get rid of them

    • They are just harmless Fordyces spots:Google the word and compare yours with the ones one the pictures you will see in the Wikipedia pages

  3. Weird bumps on bottom of penis?
    I’m 17 and have never had sex so I don’t think this is an STD. But I have noticed that when my penis is erect there are several kind of hard bumps going down the scrotum on the bottom side, if you’re looking down at your penis. Their just the color of flesh and don’t really hurt and aren’t that hard. I was just wondering if this is normal, something harmelss, or if I should get it checked out. Thank you

    • These will most certainly be Fordyce’s spots
      Google the word and look at the pictures and read the article of a real Dr about them
      They are totally harmless

  4. i have quite alot of white spots on my scrotum and starting to appear at the bottom of my penis?
    im a virgin still but im worried of what they are and how to get rid of them (if possible) ill try to get a picture soon enough but any ideas would be appreciated. :(

  5. You’re right, that’s a little strange, but at first read, they do not seem like they would be genital warts, although you might want to check out the link below that has a picture page of what some examples typically look like.

    Also, there are some things guys sometimes mistake for genital warts, including fordyce spots, penile papules, and male yeast infection. Might do some internet searches on those things as well.

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