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  1. NP diagnosed genital warts but they look more like Fordyce Spots? What test should I ask for?
    I noticed theses spots on my labia minora a couple months ago now I don’t know if they were always there or new. I haven’t been sexually active for 3 years and before that had only 2 sexual partners. I saw an NP in the GYN department last week who visually diagnosed me with genital warts. I also had a pap smear done and currently awaiting the results (all previous pap smears have been normal). Now I know the pap smear would only detect changes in cells in the cervix caused by the high risk stands of HPV so this result wouldn’t reflect if I have genital warts since genital warts are caused by the low risk strands of HPV.. correct? The pictures of Fordyce Spots look identical to the spots I have. I plan to make another visit and this time with an MD but what tests should I ask for to rule out whether I may have genital warts?

    exactly like this


    • Well during visual examination, the doctor normally put a vinegar solution on the warts to see if the change colors…..You may want to go to the dermatologist.

  2. Can Anyone Help..Please :S?
    Ive noticed tiny bumps on my labia minora since i was like 14-15, I could only feel them, they felt like hard little balls under the skin, but ( this sounds disgusting ) if i pulled the skin back a little i noticed that they were white little bumps…well anyways i put it at the back of my mind, now im like 18 they still havent gone away in fact theyre bigger in size, but u still cant see them until u stretch the skin.. I plucked up the courage to go see what they were at my GP she thought they were genital warts (which freaked me out as ive only had sex with one partner n we were together 1 year), so me AND my bf went and got tested for std’s, and all the tests came up negative for both of us, the doctor then said it must be glands that are clogged and that they should go away, but it hasn’t gone and its been a lot of months since i was at the doctors, i now feel scared again to go back and i cant miss school to go either :S I seen a picture on google that looked like it called fordyce spots but i dont know :S …Has ANYONE got any advice or opinions??!!!

    Theyre little white lumps under the skin almost like cauliflower shape,

    • If they are not going away, you should go see a doctor.

      while what you describe sound like genital wart, there are other, often harmless, conditions that are mistaken for genital warts, such as pearly penile papules and mollusca.

      Don’t feel embarrassing or scared to see a doctor. It is always best to treat a condition ASAP

  3. tiny white pin sized dots near vaginal opening on labia minora?
    I have recently noticed many tiny white pin sized dots on my labia minora near the vaginal opening, I have no irritation, they’re only noticable when i stretch the skin. I’ve read a lot about pearly papules, and fordyce spots but i cannot seem to find any pictures that match. It kinda looks like salt was sprinkled on my vulva. They could have been there before, I just didn’t notce them. Please do not say that I should see a doctor because I am aware. Also have read some information saying it could be thrush. Whats your opinion?

  4. genital warts or fordyce spots?
    Hi, I have had unprotected sex with two people. One was a big mistake about a year ago and the other is my current boyfriend of 8 months. I noticed about a week ago a couple of clusters of little white bumps. I have no idea how long they have been there, i cant say as i have ever examined my vagina before.They are not rough, no burning, no blistars, no stinging, no itching, no odor, no unusual discharge. They are on the insides and the ridge of the labia minora. I examined myself completely and there is no spots near my anus, or the vaginal opening, or anywhere else. I even examined internally with a mirror as well as my fingers….NOTHING IS THERE! So i looked online and found all sorts of pictures of vaginal warts, but nothing looks like what i have. Then I found fordyce spots…they look exactly like mine. So I tried to pop one and a little clear fluid came out followed by a small amount of blood. I did the vinegar test, i put a q-tip soaked in vinegar and held it to one of the spots for about 15 seconds and noticed no visible change. Do genital warts look like fordyce spots, or should i just stop worrying. They are only about 1-3 mm in size. Also, i have fordyce spots on my nipples and many sebaceous cysts on my head, even one in the fatty part of my buttox. I dont know if that is at all relevant….but any info would help.
    Went to the obgyn this morning. PIMPLES! That’s it! Yay!!!!!!! So glad to have my vagina back to normal!

    • It could be either of those things OR it could be something else like molluscum contagiousum. I can’t tell you, you need a doctor!

  5. hpv and fordyce spots…?
    i have hpv. i was diagnosed with it sept. 2006 due to my pap results. i just started noticeing these white dots next to my labia. i looked at the pictures of fordyce spots and that is what it looks like. on here ive been telling ppl that my hpv looked like white caviar. lol but its gotta be fordyce spots. when i went to my gyno to get it checked out, she looked at it and said “yea you have a couple of bumps” and perscribed my aldara. but if she was talking about the fordyce things, she would have said “yea, you have A LOT of bumps” the spots are not raised, but there are some other bumps that are fleshed colored and raised. could she have been talking about them? i also have a couple of the white dots on my upper lip on my mouth. i cant see them unless i stretch my lip.
    Could it be hpv or fordyce?
    I know you cant diagnose me but you could ease my mind untill i talk to doc.

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