10 thoughts on “Pictures Of Fordyce Spots On Labia Minora

  1. tiny white pin sized dots near vaginal opening on labia minora?
    I have recently noticed many tiny white pin sized dots on my labia minora near the vaginal opening, I have no irritation, they’re only noticable when i stretch the skin. I’ve read a lot about pearly papules, and fordyce spots but i cannot seem to find any pictures that match. It kinda looks like salt was sprinkled on my vulva. They could have been there before, I just didn’t notce them. Please do not say that I should see a doctor because I am aware. Also have read some information saying it could be thrush. Whats your opinion?

  2. Well during visual examination, the doctor normally put a vinegar solution on the warts to see if the change colors…..You may want to go to the dermatologist.

  3. It could be either of those things OR it could be something else like molluscum contagiousum. I can’t tell you, you need a doctor!

  4. If they are not going away, you should go see a doctor.

    while what you describe sound like genital wart, there are other, often harmless, conditions that are mistaken for genital warts, such as pearly penile papules and mollusca.

    Don’t feel embarrassing or scared to see a doctor. It is always best to treat a condition ASAP

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